My Mission

Welcome!  You have taken the first step toward helping yourself or a loved one improve quality of life through exercise!  It is my goal to provide this mobility gateway for aging seniors, or anyone searching to better their physical well- being.


With consistent, rehabilitation based exercises, I aim to provide each client a well rounded, personalized regimen.  I will consider physical history as well as personal goals.  I will incorporate present pain and needs with long term, progressive plans.


Together, we will share a one-on-one hour in the comfort of your home or fitness facility.  This allows you ease with scheduling, and the convenience of no commute!  In addition, timing factors that may ordinarily interfere with consistency of our program are eliminated.  Consistency is key for improvement.


Sessions will include interactive use of theraband, light weights, pulleys, and fitball, as well as household items for muscle strengthening and balance activities.  Appropriate stretches will be issued in addition to appropriate cardiovascular training.  We may also make use of certain gym equipment.


I recommend we spend at least two sessions of exercise per week to maintain a functional body, as well as get emotional stresses out with positive energy!  A healthy state of mind can be accomplished with the help of a healthy body.  For those with a lesser need, meeting once per week or even once per month to re-evaluate the exercises is beneficial.  I will provide a keen eye to ensure exercises are being performed correctly (maximizing effectiveness and decreasing chances for injury), as well as tweak exercises that have been mastered for more of a challenge and stronger muscles!


I aim to keep my sessions interactive, productive, and fun!  The hour will fly by as we casually chat and try new activities at your own pace.  The session will leave you feeling good about yourself and equipped to do more with each day.  By allowing time for your physical well being, you are truly living your life to its fullest.