Stay In Your Home

You still remember the day you were handed the keys to your house. You’ve invested your time, your money, and your creative outlets into this personal castle to tailor make it into a home. This is the place you poured your life into, where you received wonderful news and experienced life milestones, where you retreated to when you didn’t want to face the world, and the place that kept you warm as you watched it pour rain outside your windows. I get it. A home is an important foundation, literally!

So stay there. Continue to host your friends, family, and holidays. Let it be the site of all the milestones to come. Keep that piece of artwork on the wall in its perfect place. Store all those family heirlooms that remind you of people who are gone, and fill the kitchen with the aroma of the meals you love to make. Wave to your neighbor you’ve seen every day since you moved in. Stay.

Most importantly, stay because it’s your choice. You’ve taken good care of your body, you’ve exercised regularly, and the stairs, well bring them on! Getting up off that unusually low toilet seat is no match to the sets of squats you do on a regular basis all week. Lunges have prepared you to get down in the dirt and plant your beloved perennials, and even get back up. Working with bands and pulleys have gifted your shoulders with integrity, and gosh darn it, you can still soap up your own back. Your bike excursions and neighborhood walks have kept your heart healthy. The endurance to make leaf piles for jumping in or to build snowmen, adorn the entire house with festive holiday decorations, or re-paint a wall some new, wacky color just because is an expectation, not a question.

This is living. Keep your joy. Be in charge of when you choose to take that step into a living facility because you are ready and you want to, and take that step on your own two feet. You tell your body what you want it to do, and because you’ve trained it, it will listen. Go. Thrive. Be well in your home, no matter where that may be.

*For safe exercise regimens, utilize a professional! Call Fitness Partners Colorado for your tailored program. If you need some help within your home, call an in-home care company! I recommend Goldleaf Homecare.

Fitness Partners Colorado: 303-819-6845

GoldLeaf Homecare: 720-763-9039