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Personal Athletic Background

I have maintained a very active lifestyle since the age of 5.  Beyond being a highly energetic child, I began my fitness life with multiple interests.  Gymnastics was my introduction to sports.  Where I learned a lot about being limber, strong, and flexible while maintaining balance, my real love came shortly after when I joined my first soccer team.  With soccer I learned about endurance and agility.  Also, because it was a team sport, I learned very valuable lessons in commitment and tenacity.  Today, I feel that I am at my best working with others on a goal.

Growing up, I rode my bike as children often do.  I learned to skate in both rollerskates and rollerblades, paving the way for street hockey in my neighborhood.  In the summers I utilized the neighborhood pool, tennis courts, and friends’ driveways for basketball.

As a native resident in this beautiful state of Colorado, I took ski school at ten years old and have dabbled a little bit in snowboarding and snowshoeing.  Five years living in Boulder, and it was only right that I became familiar with hiking and pilates.  I learned waterskiing and jet skiing while vacationing to Wisconsin to see relatives.  At least once I have tried surfing, kickboxing, whiffle ball, mountain biking, yoga, and skateboarding, although this may be one of my lesser talents!

Given this history, I am very confident that I can understand most sports and physical activities, the body movements they require, as well as the injuries that may ensue from having been involved in them.

Educational Background

I feel extremely fortunate to have received such a high quality education through Cherry Creek Schools here in Colorado.  As I grow older, I value more the thirst for knowledge instilled in me by my teachers, especially Science teachers, at Cherry Creek High School.  I transformed my interest in Science to a degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I took several fascinating classes and associated labs that involved studying the human body.  These courses included Exercise Physiology, Human Physiology, Human Anatomy (where I studied from real cadavers), Immunology, Endocrinology and others.  Before establishing Integrative Physiology as my major, I completed all courses required for Pre-Pharmacy as well as Pre-Physical Therapy.  I am now certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, including a current certification in CPR from The American Heart Association. Additionally, I hold a second, specialized certification in Personal Training for Senior Citizens.

Work Experience

While attending CU, I began one of my favorite jobs to date at Lakeshore Athletic Club, building strong relationships with the members and staff.

From there, I began working at a Longs Drugs Pharmacy, considering a career in this.  I learned a lot about the drug world, only to decide I related more to natural ways of healing the body.  While still at the pharmacy, I picked up an internship in a physical therapy clinic.  Here, I worked beside four main physical therapists, two floating physical therapists, a massage therapist, and an acupuncturist.

This internship quickly became my favorite place to be.  I was anxious to learn more about rehabilitation (manual therapy, manipulation, soft tissue work, and modalities).  Upon graduating, I received an offer for a full time position as the Exercise Specialist at the physical therapy clinic.  I continued my work in rehabilitation for two years, teaching patients exercises that coincided with their injuries.  I found it to be very rewarding to work so closely with the patients, and watch them travel the road to recovery.  I helped patients as young as ten and as old as eighty-nine.  Where I loved each patient, young or old, sweet or spicy, challenging or easy,  it was the senior citizens who intrigued me the most.  Not only did I love their stories and lessons, but I felt they had the most to gain from getting their bodies working well.  For them, it was the difference between staying at home, or a day of activity.  This is what led me to wanting to do more for seniors.

Before long, I began coaching boot camp classes with Boot Camp of the Rockies.  Those taking the class as well as I were able to expel a lot of pent up energies and stresses during the outdoor hour.  During my training, I learned several new, effective exercises, as well as how to get the body exercising in unconventional and entertaining ways!  This kept things fresh for the trainees, keeping them on their toes and looking at what was coming next, rather than how tired they were.  Today, I still incorporate this type of dynamic exercise into my senior sessions.

Other Tidbits

I have a large extended family based here in Colorado, in addition to my amazing, supportive parents and two inspiring older sisters.  I also consider myself very lucky to have wonderful friends in and around Denver.

In my spare time, I continue to play soccer both indoor and outdoor, try new exercise classes (barre being a current favorite), dabble in acrylic painting, and my sister and I make unique jewelry to sell at craft fairs together.  I love trying and learning new things, and plan to travel to new places I have never been.  I love yellow ducks, bagels, and conversation with people who are like me, a little bit like me, but mostly, nothing like me.