“Janna Friedland has helped me a lot, both improving exercises I was doing, and assigning some very good new ones.  She is perceptive of both my limitations and my capabilities.  The sessions with her leave me feeling great. I recommend her without reservation.”

—Charles Burkhart, Denver, CO. Age 82

Dear Janna,

I felt great after our session on Wednesday and for the rest of the day.

I have been meaning to tell you how grateful I am for your help over the past ten years.  Your work with me has not just “kept me going,” but I have actually improved in certain areas in spite of my advancing to 89 years of age.  In particular, you have taught me how to walk properly in a healthy way and without pain, and I rejoice in that with every step.

The other day I thought “My gosh, I have paid Janna a lot of money over the years!”  But my next thought was “What better way to spend it?  It has certainly been worth it!”

Thank you.


(Charles is now 89 years old)


“Janna Friedland, a Trainer whose specialty is helping the elderly to use the gifts they have as freely and happily as possible.  She is knowledgeable, perceptive, compassionate, patient, and very much interested in her clients, their needs, and their assets.  We have worked together for about three yeas, and I have found her to be most helpful.  We do truly work together because we listen to one another.  She acknowledges that there are aspects of my condition I know better than she does; hence, though she may urge me to go farther or to try harder, when I say I can’t, she sees that I speak the truth.

I recommend her highly, for she has helped not just me, but my husband, too, to cope with many a pain.”

—Marian Burkhart , Denver, CO.  Age 83

(Marian is still going at the age of 90)


“I started using Janna around 9 months ago along with my brother, who is 6 years older.  I thought, we have some major issues medically, and just getting older, that we should try and keep a leg up.  When Janna came in for our initial session, she was showing us simple stretches and balances that I must confess were a lot harder than they looked.  We were looking for core balance like standing on one foot at a time, which is hard.  We worked on this and then went into Cardio work to strengthen my heart.  The amazing thing is, in January of 2013 I was diagnosed with A-Fib.  I have had 2 cardio versions and a cryo ablation… all three procedures failed, however without Janna I would probably… no I know I would be a couch potato just sitting at home whining about my misfortunes and doing nothing.  I work out 3 times a week with FPC, and it has made me feel much better about myself and how I want to live the rest of my life.  We never know what is in store for us, but we have one thing in common: we all can at least take care of our bodies.  No matter what we do, exercise at any age is a must.  I have enjoyed my session with Janna. She is a great trainer and pushes you to places you never knew you could go.  I love and hate every minute I work out… but at the end it is enough to make you smile for the rest of the day because you DID something for yourself and you are the only one that can do that… Janna just happens to show you what direction you need to go.”

–Spencer Marcum, Denver, CO.  Age 63


“I’m delighted to have discovered Janna. She is exceptional. She is totally sensitive to my needs and thereby gentle with my weaknesses but willing to challenge my strengths.  She has the knowledge & experience to help me develop and strengthen my weaknesses. Working with her is fun and has already been hugely beneficial.

I can tell that she is going to help me a lot to be stronger and have more confidence and flexibility while moving into this weird experiment of aging.”

–Chris Chase, Denver, CO.  Age 67


“About a year ago I was introduced to Janna.  After about 6 months of 2 a week sessions,  I was able to do more than I had been doing for years, so I upped my sessions to 3 a week.

I feel stronger and have more endurance.  She makes exercising fun!”

–Bud Byrne, Denver, CO. Age 85


“Janna pays attention to your body and tunes her program into what you need and how you respond. Truly working with you, not pushing in a direction just to give you a workout. Creative body work that increases your level of fitness, flexibility, stamina, and soon you find you are more limber, feel better each day, get that stiff area loosening up! She is a joy!”

–Ron, Denver, CO. Age 75


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I just turned 50 and for the last year and a half after living a life with low arches and walking a lot since I don’t drive, my hips and ankles started to really bother me. My job calls for me to be on my feet quite a bit and it was starting to get in the way. Janna offered me help and I finally took it and have not regretted it. She pushes me when needed but also respects if I need to ease up at times. I can thankfully say that my hips are not near as bothersome anymore and that makes a big difference. she has also given me exercises that I can do wherever I go that don’t require machinery which is knowledge and saving grace forever. I also would like to add that her routines are not boring or tedious and she knows how to inject a little humor into my program which is nice. I would and have given her high recommendation. Being slow and immobile is not a good time and Janna helps work that out.

  2. After a little under a year later and still doing good thanks to Janna. I had to use canes on occasion to get around due to pain in my ankles and hips. Haven’t used a cane since and I don’t wake up so stiff and in pain as often as I used to….Thanks again to Janna for her help.

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